About Tenerife

Playa del DuqueWhy not escape from the cold grey skies, rain and cold of Northern Europe and discover how much the Canary Islands have to offer you. The islands enjoy one of the finest climates in the world  , truly 'the sunshine state of Europe'.

Tenerife is known as the lsland of Eternal Spring due to its perfect year-round climate and is one of the most popular destinations in the world for visitors. This is mainly due to the wonderful climate and diversity of its environment and is quite easily accessible by frequent flights from the majority of European airports.

Tenerife is about 200km off the coast of Africa, and is less than four hours by plane from the U.K. ,Belgium ,Germany or The Netherlands .

We are on the parallel 28 and we enjoy a wonderful ambient temperature all the year round.

Lazy warm summer days and a wonderful 26 C. during the day in the winter. This for many people who haven't experienced it is just unbelievably healthy and relaxing and taken at regular intervals during the winter months could add many enjoyable years to your life.

It is an easy choice in February to play in the snow on mount Teide in the morning and have a nice swim in the ocean and relax on one of the many beaches in the south of the island in the afternoon to watch the sun set on the sea whilst enjoying an ice-cold beer.

The islands are well known also for the peacefulness of the canarian people and the beauty of its landscape. Tenerife has much more to offer than sunshine and sparkling seas, yet it seems that no matter how hard we try to convince people that the true uniqueness of Tenerife lies in the incredible variety of its landscape and activities, some people just won't get off the beaches  and coastline of Tenerife are as varied as the sun worshippers who visit them.

You can bask in the endless sunshine on dark distinctive beaches and on stretches of golden sand or on wild natural rocky coves. Casual strollers make the most of the elegant promenades and marinas. You can soar up to the summit of Spain 's highest mountain or explore lush tropical plantations and gardens and visit cosmopolitan towns and serene whitewashed leafy villages.

As well as fantastic golf courses, there are tennis courts for both serious players and holiday players, There are immaculate bowling greens on the island for keen bowlers. There are riding stables that can provide horses for every level of rider. The equestrian centres offer organised rides through breathtaking scenery , an enjoyable way to enjoy the best of the views. There are squash clubs. and no shortage of gymnasiums and health clubs for the keep-fit fanatics and when you want to relax you will find luxury 'spa' centres offering everything from Roman thermal baths, to saunas and whirlpools. Tenerife is unrivalled in the Atlantic for water-sports. There are many activities on offer from parascending to pedalos and surfing to sailboarding.

Dip into the aquamarine sea for every imaginable water sport. Sail from one of  its luxury marinas and try your hand at deep-sea fishing or scuba diving.