Why choose Tenerife ?

Auditoriuo in Santa CruzTenerife has much to offer the discerning Investor whether you are searching for a holiday home, a second income or a warm and pleasant place to retire perrnanently, The island has a high reputation for stability and recent history has show remarkable rises in property values. For the investor, the resort areas of the island have no 'cIosed season' catering for visitors throughout the year, providing high yields from rental income. With sustained rises in property values and the added bonus of this rental ineome for Investment buyers Tenerife is a proven location for 'a blue chip Investment' and continues to be the first choice for many people.

  • Climate - All vear round warm and sunnv weather Property Investment
  • secure return on capital invested Property Letring
  • 12 month 'holiday season' maximum year round returns.
  • Favourable taxation and low on-going costs for property owners Accessibility
  • Frequent flights from most airports. Diversity
  • From lively resorts to areas of natural beauty, from peace & quiet to lively carnivals,

Playa TeresitasEasy access to its capital Santa Cruz to take on board Spanish city life at its best with bustling tree lined avenues and busy bars and restaurants. Herethe discerning visitor can either shop to their hearts content or sit in one of the many side street bars and restaurants and watch the world go by, Or why not enjoy a tram ride around the city to view one of the many interesting historical landrnarks.

From outdoor activities and sports on land, such as hiking, golf and cycling, to water based fun with scuba, snorkelling, fishing and sailing, Tenerife has a huge amount to offer. Extraordinary beaches, fascinating landscapes and Spain 's highest mountain mean a lieh diversity of ways to enjoy Tenerife '5 perfect weather. Drive through the country side and discover traditional villages, and dip into some Canarian culture. Theme parks, water parks and a11 sorts of excursions can pack your every day full of fun for all the family and the perfect weather means that there's never a wasted day staring out at rain and drizzle and depressing low grey clouds.The restaurants are amazing. From the sublime flavours of the Michelin starred restaurants to the bursting freshness of a simple grilIed fish beside the sea 01" in the towns and city, Tenerife is a great food destination. To summarize Tenerife has everything for everyone because the a11 year round ternperate climate allows for a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life style. Come and join US, our staff are always available to help and advise in a11 kinds ofpurchases and requests and are at your disposal. please call or ';S1t our website.